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Mindfully made for your home

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The Artists

Emily Wykes and Jana Vaughan

The two of us have been friends for over 12 years. Together, we decided to open H+S Co to fulfill the need for mindfully crafted art in the handmade community.

We are committed to bring you sustainable, responsible products that you can fall in love with. Our three main goals keep us accountable and directed with every piece we create.


Environmental Impact

From choosing materials to packaging your orders, each step towards reducing our environmental impact makes a difference. We use only choice materials from transparent suppliers who are also committed to global improvement. Our goal is to decrease the amount of waste created by our production process each year by 25%.

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Material Sourcing

Where our pieces come from matters to us. Every product is crafted using recycled or recyclable materials. We spend hours researching and comparing each and every supplier so that you can feel good about where our products came from and where they are going.

Shop Small

We understand the value in choosing small and local. Investing in family-owned and operated establishments is investing in our communities. Many of our materials are sourced from suppliers we know by name. Whenever possible, we choose to establish relationships with our vendors and manufacturers so that our supply chain is built upon clear communication and support from either side.

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